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English to ANZAC

English to ANZAC

I am going to close this thread by the following incident as the actual issue is not English, but, in fact corruption.

NESB Sydney taxi mafia Lim was a bad person. He broke every law in the book. ESB taxi driver was determined to challenge him. The mighty leadership of the Transport Workers Union went on to stab in the back of the driver! The determined driver and his friends continued the fight. The fight went to the court.

Lim decided not to confront his crimes despite ample opportunity extended to him by the legal system.

Finally, a barrister appeared for him for a few occasions. It is being alleged, "the old barrister have been sharing a young women with Lim, etc. etc.". Lim's banister said, "I am unable to locate my client and I do not how I am going to be paid. Nonetheless, I ask you to dismiss the case".

Well known anti-worker Conciliation Commissioner Connor echoed, "If I make a decision in the absence of the defendant - the decision won't assist the applicant. Therefore I dismiss the case". What strange interpretation and application of the law!

In other words, the legal system rewarded the lawbreaker for hiding himself. A court order in his absence after a proper deliberation could have forced him to obey the law whenever he returns in the town! Thus in a way, his crimes remained unpunished despite being an NSEB!

So the issue is not English. In fact endemic corrupt system!

From: "mamubhi"
Date: Sun Jun 4, 2006 8:38 pm
Subject: Re: English to ANZAC

ozcabs, Cowards' Castle

"The taxi driver could not speak English - did not know where the Harbour bridge was" are only a few urban myths propagated by the taxi mafia to demonise, confuse and divide taxi drives. They are totally inconsistent with the real statistics. On the other hand, 85% taxi industry executives linguistic incompetence are recorded facts. Nonetheless, Ministry of Transport issues the licenses and not taxi drivers. Therefore if there are any problems regarding the taxi driver licensing system, then the Ministry should be crucified for being corrupt and incompetence - not hard working drivers.

English speaking background drivers (ESB) and non-English speaking background drivers (NESB) are getting booked by the police for driving an unregistered taxi ($A400.00), whereas NSEB or ESB taxi mafias are not even getting a slap in the wrist for running unregistered taxis!

"English to ANZAC" is capable to speak and defend itself. However, banning someone first, then insulting that person without any valid reason and ground whatsoever is neither a noble nor a courageous approach. This is a Nazi Zionist approach practised by the Israelites of our time, inside and outside occupied Palestine!

So, the issue is not English! Taxi mafias deliberate avoidance of the Occupational Health and Safety Acts, Industrial Relation Acts, etc. etc and commonly known corruption and lies of theirs are real issues that affect us. Let's talk about them and not racist junks.

In, "mamubhi" wrote:

English to ANZAC

English used to be the most ugliest and filthiest language of the world. As a result, the English aristocracy and nobles used to speak in either French or German - not in English. King John ordered to prepare the Magna Carta in Latin as drafting of such a document in English could have reduced the nobility of it. Nonetheless, illiterate John’s thumbprint found a place in this noble document - not his signature! Samuel Johnson was also scared to write the English dictionary. Because, like all of the other languages; English was not clean and sophisticated enough for a dictionary on that time!

However, these days some congenital racist people in Australia use English language to hide their own failures and in-competency. So called TDA Taxi Driver Survey is one such a document. Although such a survey is not the brilliant creation of our time! We did have
a few good ones before.

For an example on the ANZAC Day, I was accosted by two "Ross Nelsons" of the world. Despite my reluctance, they told me, "the meaning of ANZAC is - our forefathers went to overseas wars, so that we don't have to go to any more wars". I did not have the stomach then to ask them, why the hell from the WW1 to today we are involved with never ending wars! Instead, I said, ANZAC means avoid war and hate, embrace love and peace. My response made them very unhappy and they went on to display the best of their behaviors including some bone deep racism! During this commotion, it became a must to clearly notify them to debate properly or stop annoying me.

When a few distinguished university academics found out about this unpleasant event, they apologised to me by saying, "your version of history is close enough and the other one must have derived from Pauline's rhetoric or John Howard's motivational speech based on twisted emotions".

I went on to travel from English to ANZAC, in order to remind "Ross Nelsons" of the world that his so called TDA Survey is wrong. The grand children of ANZACs are screwed by Zengs and Haddads of the world with the assistance of Australian police and other instrumentalities on a daily basis. This is happening not because the Zengs of the world are good in English! It is happening because they are at the right side of the track!

To be precise, I have not seen any valid document to confirm the fact that Sydney Taxi Drivers have communication problem. On the other hand, I have seen taxi mafia's own document prepared by internationally recognised organisation, which confirms the fact that 85% of the taxi industry executives do not know how to read or write English properly. Beside communication problem, many people are not good enough to be a taxi driver. Yet they are good enough to be at the other side of the fence to screw taxi drivers and passengers!

Most importantly, migrant or migrant kids who are similar to or better than professor of English won't be driving taxis for peanuts! They would be in the lecture theatres of universities, operation theatres of hospitals or boardrooms of this town.

Therefore the TDA must not endorse such a racist filth like Ross Nelson’s Drivers Survey.
Source: English to ANZAC

--- In, "Marcus Hiam" wrote:

I have banned Mamubhi from posting. His last posing was offensive and Racist and as such was not acceptable.

(Actually using Moderators powers for the first time)
Source: Banned from POsting

In,"mamubhi" wrote:


Are you familiar with the TDA survey questionnaire I was talking about? Have you understood points of contention in my posting? Will you be able to stop me as I have posted this item in many forums and I can post in as many places I think fit and proper (look at the bottom link called "source"). So, debate the issue and do not hide behind false claim of racism while I have exposed the real racism in the first place!

Source: English to ANZAC
Italic portion was not published. However an intelligent debate regarding this issue is going on in the Sydney Indymedia and other forums.

From: gastaxi@...
Date: Fri Jun 2, 2006 8:49 pm
Subject: Re: [ozcabs] Banned from POsting

Thank you.


--- In, "gerard" wrote:

Well thank Christ for that. I note that the 'filthy English language' was used, to degrade the 'filthy English language'. Fair Dinkum, this guy is a crack, desperately looking for a 'pot'.

By the way, all racist cowards of ozcabs are congratulating each other for banning mamubhi (as above). Are they zionised racist bunch or congenital racists? You see many sections of Australian media are controlled by Zio-Nazis or Zionised people. They have been injecting racism, inciting against many groups. However, if you challenge them, they will gang up against you like these mobs of ozcabs!

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Source: ozcabs, Cowards' Castle

Please also examine Faruque's Crushing Defeat (with radio 2GB) to understand bone-deep racism and zio-nazi craps one has put up with.

Source: Free America Now

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