Thursday, March 8, 2007

Higher Class Fraud or Taxi Drivers?

Higher Class Fraud or Taxi Drivers?

People with higher intelligence, integrity, capabilities and origin joined in the Sydney taxi drivers’ movement in the recent past. During their short tenure they did it very nicely for themselves! They managed to fill up their own pockets by compromising public good, taxi workers’ safetyvital interests. They also bankrupted the paltry taxi Drivers Association fund without proper approval of the TDA Committee!! Greedy Michael Jollse’s shameless episode in this respect is the most disgusting chapter of the modern day Sydney taxi drivers’ history.

This little clique went on to believe in them selves very seriously and created the Australian Taxi Drivers Association to con the whole nation as well as to wipe out the poor NSW TDA! However, they have lots of eggs on their faces and they failed to get enough subscriptions to justify their own miserable existence. These little pests with the assistance of The Danish white supremacist Peer Lindholt failed to destroy the NSW TDA.

Right now, the same fellows were kicked out by one of the taxi mafia from his Huston Road property! Probably, the ‘millionaires factory’ i.e. Mac Bank is going to kick them out from their greasy little nest too. As a result they are trying to crawl back into the NSW TDA again.

My message is very clear due to all of the above. The NSW TDA is not any one’s property. We have wasted enough time and resources for these disgusting creatures. No more is the answer.

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