Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fiery Cannon

Fiery Cannon

Bob Marley once sang a line that went "catch a fire so that you don’t get burned". Well that's what has just happened- driver solidarity folks.

A cab driver was charged by police some time ago over an incident that involved a taxi cab taking off under its own instigation and crashing into a power pole but not before colliding with a pedestrian and mounting a nature strip in the forecourt of a major city hotel.

It seems that the state government could well heed the advise proffered in the Roy Morgan Report Regarding the Authorised Taxi Inspection Scheme conducted by Anne Matherson in 1995. That advise has never seen the light of day because as soon as the report was released by its authors to the old Department of Transport, the department sat on it as an albatross protects its young hatchling against the winds of the Roaring Forties.

In this case the winds of public scrutiny. Of a department seriously "captured"- as one wag in the ombudsman's office once put it, in writing- by the forces of ulterior motive- vested interest - mafia- whatever you like to call them.

It sometimes happens though that hapless taxi drivers falling foul of the law are in contact with other drivers that can back them up as credible witnesses in court, with for instance the clout and credibility of a union delegate.

It's a fool's errand that the RTA and the NSW Police have to administer the law to the bailee taxi drivers of this state with regard to defective motor vehicles.

And the aftermath is of often serious and sometimes tragic accidents when the underling cause of those accidents is a defective taxi- passed as roadworthy by a system that is flawed and in many cases compromised by the incestuous relationship between those who stand to do bulk business feeding cabs to Authorised Taxi Inspection outfits, the inspectors and the mafia- oh and not to forget the jelly - backed politicians that let it all happen.

Under the guise of co - regulation the state government has manifestly reneged on it¹s duty of care to ensure that taxi cabs be impartially and effectively inspected, that is, as it once was by the independent old (Dept of Motor Transport) government workshops and handed thus Sharon Tate to Charles Manson- signed sealed and delivered- on the platter as ordered by Uncle Reg.

Okay there was corruption there too but- now as opposed to then we have the Independent Commission Against Corruption to deal with government shonks.

Cabbie magazine (last issue) carried an article about back ache- it should have mentioned the driver seats in cabs- never re padded- allowed- passed by way of inspection by the Authorised Taxi Inspection outfits in a manner that the seats the passengers sit on would never be approved of- giving drivers a life time of agony and back ache should they have the "privilege" as Industry boss Howard Harrison writes in "Taxi"- of slaving away for years in Sydney taxis.

Pity the poor immigrant taxi driver who knows nothing of this- knows nothing of the pretence of what the Australian legal system and Australian democracy sets out to achieve- and stumbles into the snake pit of obfuscation and perfidy that is the Sydney taxi industry. How can the clan that parades itself as the fathers of the industry, the beneficent mob that book out the flashiest hotel in town to dole out the Œtaxi driver of the year awards¹ etc etc be the same mongrels that cause all this to happen? Go ask Alice.

Drivers take the fight to the coal face of the courts as did this guy or veteran prize fighter Faruque Ahmed- last year when he got his matter thrown out of the Waverley Court- exposing the taxi mafia as he did. In Australia piss ants get pissed on- from a great height.

Don’t be a piss ant-catch a fire. Fire up and fight.

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