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Australian Racists ganged up with American Terrorists!

Australian Racists ganged up with American Terrorists!

Rewarding Rum Colony Criminals was published at blogspot, Melbourne Indy Media, ozcabs and taxi list. This article deals with many burning issues of Australian Taxi Industry. However the NSW TDA forum refused to publish it. Yet, the TDA forum published offensive materials like Mik’s poem and Jimmy’s filths!

Racist Ross Nelson’s contribution --- In Taxi-List@yahoogroups.com, "rossco1955" wrote:

The author of this and another similar post is a bloke called Faruque Amhed. He is a dope.One day he turned up to a Taxi Driver meeting wearing a T shirt with "I love Osama" printed on his chest.Need I say any more about this moron ? rossco
Source: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/Taxi-List/message/43109

mamubhi made the case easier for every one! --- In Taxi-List@yahoogroups.com, "mamubhi" wrote:
Re: Rewarding Rum Colony Criminals

The comment of that racist and mental from Australia got nothing to do with the issues mentioned in this post. Why is he resorting in to personal vilification based on totally false and fabricated materials?To the best of my memory, Faruque Ahmed does not have any T- shirt with "I love Osama" printed. This is a deliberate lie. Mr. Ahmed has challenged these liars to present an iota of evidence in support of their claims. Would you believe they failed miserably!
Source: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/Taxi-List/message/43111

Peter did everything possible to stop the idiocy regarding the T-shirt. Even the ozcabs stopped publicizing racist craps about this issue. --- In ozcabs@yahoogroups.com, peter pan wrote:

The only t-shirt I ever recall Faruque wearing read: "I Love Salami".

I suggest those who remember it as reading "I Love Osama" are merely making an honest mistake.Love,Porno Pete,who's had EVERY post to NSWTDAFORUM rejected as being not suitable for children (bar one) by TDA Information Minister, Ernie Goebbels.P.S. Recent scientific research has discovered that the TDA has as much, or less, tangible existence as phenomena like flying saucers, alien abductions, abominable snowmen and international Zionist conspiracies. It is merely the product of a combination - in varying proportions - of paranoia, wishful thinking, collective social delusion, urban myth and hypersurrealcognitoinfantilism.
Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ozcabs/message/24461

An Indy Media Contributors’ comment is self explanatory - Go the taxi driversby Don is Good (State Secretary) Wednesday February 07, 2007 at 10:40 PM

The Taxi drivers need you Kamal and so does the rest of the country! Keep up the vigilance!
Source: Don

Faruque Ahmed's T-shirt failed to stop racists like Ross Nelson.

Racist Ross again! How the hell his racist and sectarian filths below are related to the taxi industry? In Taxi-List@yahoogroups.com, "rossco1955" wrote:

Michael Jools, David Bradley,Adriaan Wisse and I founded the NSW Taxi Drivers Association to try to make taxi driving "suck" a little less.I frequently wonder why I bother though, with some dribbling morons like Faruque Amhed driving cabs. (This will be deemed to be racist no doubt.)I am told that Amhed's roots are Bangladeshi. He has told me that he is not a devout Muslim.Who cares to both. rossco
Source: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/Taxi-List/message/43131

Collin wrote:

It does concern me that certain protagonists in this argument continually bash Faruque Ahmed about a T-Shirt they claim he once wore to a meeting. They claim that the T-Shirt featured a picture of Osama Bin Laden and the words "I Love Osama". When this first arose, my initial response was that, if Faruque loves Osama, that makes him a better christian than I would ever hope to be.Faruque, in person, is a voluble, but humourous fellow. I like him a lot. He's a bit of punk at heart.He tells me that the T-shirt does not mention Osama Bin Laden, it's something about America being the world's number one Zionist terrorists. Apparently, Michael Jools got the T-shirt printed for Faruque, when they were long standing, firm friends. So, Jools was in the position to correct others' mistaken memory of that T-shirt, but I don't think he ever has.Colin, who hasn't been censored in this forum since last year.
Source: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/NSWTDAFORUM/message/3933

Another racist and sectarian filth of Ross --- In Taxi-List@yahoogroups.com, "rossco1955" wrote:

Faruque Ahmed is mamubhi. He hates Jews (IMO)He was a member of the NSW Transport Worker's Union. There was a falling out there.When a Sihk driver was murdered in western Sydney in 2001 (I think) a large number of of Sihks decided to form an action group. It was called the 'Cabbies Welfare Association' (CWA).'CWA' is the acronym for one of Australia's oldest and most respected associations.. The Country Women's Association.I pointed this out to Amhed, who had sniffed an opportunity and managed to become secretary.He completely ignored me. Such is his distain for Australia and its institutions.Against my will he was accepted as a committee member of the NSW TDA. He has been completely useless.He offered 500 CWA members. I had the job of trying to contact them to join the NSW TDA. The list '500' was about 160. Of them about 70 were contactible and joined.The mentally unstable Amhed haunts night radio talk back shows.He is not understandable. Despite living in a English speaking country for many years he speaks poor English. I think that he probably speaks his native tougue poorly too. He gets a small irrelevant idea in his dim mind and just flaps his gums.Committee meetings with him are excruciating.Anyway... I think that Taxi List members now have the measure of the man.He has NOT accepted my challege to denounce the filthy, scum ,mudering piece of pig shit Osama bin Laden.Why would that be I wonder ?I also wonder why he chooses to live in a country whose inhabitants he hates.Nothing to do with social welfare payments,clean water,decent housing,plenty of food,stable government,low crime rate,religious tollerance,good education,good weather,good just about everything huh ?Frankly, I wish that he would piss off and give Bangladesh the benefit of his political activism. racist rossco

Faruque asked racists to present evidence. --- In Taxi-List@yahoogroups.com, "union_faruque" wrote:

For details, please click : Australian Racist Mad Dogs, Racist mad dogs are barking. Their false and fabricated statements will testify against themselves!However, I will say one thing only. If those people know who their fathers are (I mean if they are not bastards) then please ask them to present an iota of evidence to confirm the fact that I have a "I love Osama T-Shirt". I have challenged them before and they failed then. I am challenging them now too. If they are not bastards then they will present some evidence to confirm, "Faruque Ahmed has a T-Shirt which says I love Osama".This challenge is open to
1. Peer Lindholt
2. Michel Jools
3. Ross Nelson
4. David Bradley or anyone.

Faruque Ahmed
Source: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/Taxi-List/message/43143

mamubhi wrote to racists. . --- In Taxi-List@yahoogroups.com, "mamubhi" wrote:
Re: Australian Racist Mad Dogs

Further to Rewarding Rum Colony Criminals, Faruque Ahmed's T-shirt and Australian Racist Mad Dogs – Faruque Ahmed said he is going to make a T-shirt tomorrow.
That one will say, "I Love Osama – U Racist Bastards". So write down the time and date.

Source: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/Taxi-List/message/43165

Racist Ross Nelson’s lies continues! --- In Taxi-List@yahoogroups.com, "rossco1955" wrote:
Re: Australian Racist Mad Dogs

-Mamuubii (or whatever Amhed's last nom d' plume was )has now been flushed out and uses his real name. He asks for proof that he owns an "I Love Osama" tee shirt. As he has put on some weight since I saw him wearing it at the Cyprus Club in Stanmore (I could find the date on Ozcabs) he may well no longer own it.Peer Lindholdt was a witness, in fact it was him who asked if he was wearing it. (It was not displayed on stage when Ahmed rambled on unintelligibly to those assembled). Faruque opened his jacket to proudly reveal a blue tee shirt with white print that read "I LOVE OSAMA".He told me that he was going to speak at a student rally of thousands and the tee shirt was for their benefit.Anyway Faruque Amhed, here is your chance to publically deny that you support that filthy murdering son of a bitch Osama bin Ladin. Tell us how much you despise Al Quaeda's mass murder of several hundreds of American citizens and other New York workers.Don't forget to put your name to this statement of hatred of a mass murderer so that I can Fwd it all of your wacky web sites.OK everyone start holding your breath now. rossco
Source: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/Taxi-List/message/43148

Racist Ross Nelson becomes a psychologist! "rossco1955" wrote:
Re: [Taxi List] Love letter to me from Faruque Ahmed

-What I said was that I had not read the whole lot. (entire rant). No need. I have read plenty of similar stuff from him in the past. I posted it because of Ahmed's long association with taxi politics, his attacks on Taxi List members and as a demonstration of what is in the guy's head.
The list members will make their own judgement re Ahmed. I certainly have no desire to continue any tit for tat with him. Frankly I wish that he did not exist. rossco
Source: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/Taxi-List/message/43207

Racist Ross is not a racist!
In Taxi-List@yahoogroups.com, "rossco1955" wrote:
[Taxi List] Re: Rewarding Rum Colony Criminals

I have no idea what clothes Faruque has in his wardrobe or scattered around his Marrickville flat floor.If a witness is adequate proof ...I do recall that Peer Lindholdt was present at the large meeting (he spoke from the stage) and subsequent chat later. In fact he made mention of the "I love Osama" tee shirt.It is interesting that Faruque now seems to deny it. If I could be bothered I could trawl back through old chat group posts where he was proud to wear it.I am not sure what is worse... an Osama follower or Osama Judas.In the partial post below mamubhi denies that he is Faruque... This is seriously wierd. A Judas to himself. rossco
Source: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/Taxi-List/message/43129

Mamubhi challenges racist Ross. However, the terrorist of taxi list refused to publish it.

Racist Ross Nelson of Kings Langley,

Present evidence or shut up. Else I am going to expose you and your racist mask properly.Faruque Ahmed
Source: Racist Ross Nelson of Kings Langley

--- In Taxi-List@yahoogroups.com, "rossco1955" wrote:

Snipped from a Faruque Amhed post to Taxi List.>>>>>>>>>>>; Faruque Ahmed said he is going to make a T-shirt tomorrow. That one will say, "I Love Osama – U Racist Bastards". So write down the time and date.>>>>>>>>>>>>>rosscoresting his case for now, due to the absence of post that tells the members of this list that Ahmed hates the filthy murdering scum Osama bin Ladin. Or likes him (which I racistly suspect)
Source: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/Taxi-List/message/43171

Mamubhi’s response below to Racist Alan Fisher was not published by the American Terrorist of taxi list while he allowed Alan’s crap.

Allan Fisher,

Are you a Zionist or Zionsed victim? During the second WW 50 million people died. To be precise, 30 million of them were civilians and 20 million were military personals. What kinds of brain washed racist bastard would ignore 44 million lives and continue to cry for only “lost and found” six millions, may I ask? Oh, what about the English Holocaust in Ireland, British Holocaust in Bengal and Israeli Holocaust in the Occupied Palestine? Are they inferior than these “chosen arses”? How could you maintain such a double standard and hypocrisy?
Source: Alan Fisher of England

--- In Taxi-List@yahoogroups.com, callsignmag@... wrote:
Re: [Taxi List] Re: Australian Racist Mad Dogs

Can I add to what Don has written in that whoever this 'mamubhi' is, the heading to his blogger page - Who Deserves Gas Chamber - is a gross insult to the memories of those 6million who died that way in the Nazi concentration camps.

Is that what you are about - with or without this mysterious t-shirt that nobody cares about?Alan FisherLondon (Eng)In a message dated 14/02/2007 19:44:55 GMT Standard Time, dmc@...writes:
Source: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/Taxi-List/message/43167

Mamubhi’s response below to Don was not published by the American Terrorist of taxi list while he allowed his own crap.


I was talking about taxis. A few racist bastards started to talk about race, religion and many personal matters and they are not relevant to the debate at all! Most of those innuendos are based on usual lies. Please examine the link “Rum Colony Criminals Rewarded” and let me know if I am correct.
Source: Poor Don of Taxi List

In a message dated 14/02/2007 19:44:55 GMT Standard Time, dmc@...writes: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/Taxi-List/message/43167

At the risk of being called a racist hate monger, am I going to have to read a whole lot more of this non taxi related bullshit? Do you have something to say? If you do, please pull you head out of your ass so I can hear exactly what it is that you think you have to say. If you want to have flame wars with members of the list do it elsewhere. dmc
Source: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/Taxi-List/message/43175

--- In Taxi-List@yahoogroups.com, "John-Paul Pace" wrote:

Blank The poor guy is stark raving bonkers, he should be committed to a secure mental institution. What always puzzles me is why people like this deluded idiot want to live in our free democracies with all the benefits that entails and why do we tolerate them?

John-Paul Pace1b. Re: Love letter to me from Faruque AhmedPosted by: "callsignmag@..." callsignmag@... alanfshr Date: Sat Feb 17, 2007 1:32 am ((PST))

My dear FaruqueIf you are going to refer to me as a racist, then at least spell my name correctly!Alan FisherLondon (Eng)

In a message dated 17/02/2007 09:05:36 GMT Standard Time, rossnelson@... writes from

Faruque Ahmed:Racist Ross Nelson of Kings Langley, Racist Allan fisher of England and Poor Don of Taxi List are at our service.www.thelondontaxi.co.ukThe London Taxi Media and Marketing Consultancy mobile: 07751510309*************************************************************[Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
Source: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/Taxi-List/message/43234

--- In Taxi-List@yahoogroups.com, "K. Weiszhaar" wrote:
Re: [Taxi List] Love letter to me from Faruque Ahmed

I see. You haven't read it, but think it's important enough to repost on a Taxi List.This ends here.Karl in Denco

Source: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/Taxi-List/message/43201

--- In Taxi-List@yahoogroups.com, "rossco1955" wrote:
Re: [Taxi List] Love letter to me from Faruque Ahmed

--Hey Alan,
Faruque craves fame... Give it too him by publishing some of his crap.Headlines could be ... 'Down Under Dork' 'Would you like to be this cabbie's passenger?' 'Mad' ...Sorry Alan. Who am I to tell an editor how to suck eggs ?rossco
Source: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/Taxi-List/message/43194

--- In Taxi-List@yahoogroups.com, callsignmag@... wrote:
Re: [Taxi List] Love letter to me from Faruque Ahmed

My dear Faruque

If you are going to refer to me as a racist, then at least spell my name correctly!Alan FisherLondon (Eng)In a message dated 17/02/2007 09:05:36 GMT Standard Time, rossnelson@... writes from Faruque Ahmed:Racist Ross Nelson of Kings Langley, Racist Allan fisher of England and Poor Don of Taxi List are at our service.
Source: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/Taxi-List/message/43192

--- In Taxi-List@yahoogroups.com, "Chris Manning" wrote:
Taxi List] Re: Rewarding Rum Colony Criminals

Who cares indeed? I have long ago given up trying to understand or follow all these posts from the various Sydney list members, or work out who is telling the truth, etc. etc.

I thought 'Mamubhi' and 'Faruque Ahmed' were one and the same person. Now it appears I was mistaken. (See what I mean!)

'Rum Colony' is a reference the early days of the colony of New South Wales when rum was a de facto currency.

Chris Manning

Monbulk, Victoria, Australia (a long way from Sydney)
Source: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/Taxi-List/message/43132

--- In Taxi-List@yahoogroups.com, "rossco1955" wrote:
[Taxi List] Re: Rewarding Rum Colony Criminals

-Yep... I bet nobody read all of Faruque Ahmed's libelous drivvel. As he mentioned me in some obscure way (linking racism to my disaproval of a merchant bank business model) I will respond to this for the record.As soon as one says "I am not a racist" Shakespeare's "the lady protests too much" springs to mind.It is one of those nasty accusations meant to make some mud stick."Are you still beating your wife?" is another example.The fact that my wife, to whom I have been happily married for nearly 17 years, is Thai and my son is (obviously) half Thai does not seem to enter into Amhed's calculations that about who is racist or not.As I said the triple by-pass survivor is a complete moron.As for Macquarie Bank's business plan (as stated in press reports) to flood Sydney with 240 ramping up to 1000 extra taxis I am still resolutely opposed to that.It won't happen though. The government will not release that many "free" Wheel Chair Acessible (WAT) plates. After spending possibly as much as $20mil they still do not really have a taxi network. I am told that they have 40 Mercedes vans (WATs) but are struggling to find drivers. They have only a handful of "Apple" (limo style) and "GPS" (normal) cabs in their 'fleet'.The catch 22 is that they can not attract drivers without a customer base and can not build a cusdtomer base without cabs.(Well they could, but they would need to pay me a lot of money to tell them how.)rosscowho wonders if Macqarie Bank is not abandonning its cab company aspirations for fear of ridicule ... "You can't even run a cab company"note: McBank shares have gone from about $25 to about $80 in little over two years.
Source: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/Taxi-List/message/43130

--- In Taxi-List@yahoogroups.com, "Joseph Minnich" wrote:
Re: [Taxi List] Re: Rewarding Rum Colony Criminals

where in this post is there racist remarks?What is the point in the original post anyways?who cares.. i sure don't to be honest....the cab business sucks... it has become a joke... one day I might have the strength to put this rotten business behind me and move on.
Source: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/Taxi-List/message/43126

--- In Taxi-List@yahoogroups.com, callsignmag@... wrote:
Re: [Taxi List] Re: Rewarding Rum Colony Criminals

Can I ask how you know what clothes Mr Ahmed has in his wardrobe?Alan FisherLondon (Eng)In a message dated 11/02/2007 16:47:09 GMT Standard Time,mamubhi@... writes:

To the best of my memory, Faruque Ahmed does not have any T shirt with "I love Osama" printed. This is a deliberate lie. Mr. Ahmed has challenged these liars to present an iota of evidence in support of their claims. Would you believe they failed miserably!Source: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/Taxi-List/message/43116

P.S: Finally, we have many more examples of serial racist acts and we can present them should you wish. We also heard many rumors about Ross Nelson and his family i.e. his inability to find a wife in Australia, which forced him to pick up a mail order bride from a brothel of Bangkok and many more. However, Faruque refused to use them by saying, “we can not be low like them”. But, where is Faruque? He is wasting time with racists’ false and manufactured allegations!

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