Friday, February 16, 2007

We Do Any Thing For Child Molester Israelis

Child Molester Amir Lati got a red carpet in John Howard’s Australia. Whereas a child molester does not get a job as a Security Guard, Taxi Driver, etc. etc. let alone a diplomatic position! But, again, the same child molester gets invited to many powerful politicians bedroom!! To your amazement, the grateful Amir Lati has blasted the illustrious Australian Attorney General Ruddock for inviting him in his ‘private castle’ for a private relationship!!! This is called zionised pay back as these days the Zionists are paying back to Muslims for protecting them over the centuries.

Sources: Amir Lati, Mosad Sex and Sex Scandal

John Howard ordered to strip search New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clerk for his Israeli masters. Our zionisd media was very silent about it too. Little Johnny also displays his blatant xenophobia and hypocrisy under the guise of liberating Muslim women while he has been supporting and financing a few non-Muslim religious sects who treat women like private property! The irony is, zionised John Howard, Zionist Bronwyn Bishop, Jack Straw of this world think we do not know about British General Alenbys of our time. Even some Muslim ‘femocrates’ are falling for them!!

Source: Melbourne Indy Media

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