Thursday, February 15, 2007

Zionism is worse than Nazism

Zionism is worse than Nazism

The Zionism is worse than Nazism as one was the product of a few mad people during a difficult period of time comparing Zionsm - which is the product of millions of Israelis and their supporters stretching across half a century with a stamp of infinity!

The Nazism is based on German nationalism and Zionism is based on Jewish nationalism. The Nazism subscribes on racial purity and supremacy. The Zionism subscribes on religious purity and supremacy and eventually ends up with racial supremacy and purity like Nazism!

The Zionists are milking the "Holocaust Cow" while conducting war crimes, massacres and genocides in the longest running concentration of the universe located in the occupied Palestine with a stamp of infinity!

Abridged from: Zionism vs Nazism


Kreplach said...

Zionism never created a holocaust.

The Palestinian Holocaust is the Only Holocaust where the victims tripled in population, I wish the Jewish people had THAT kind of Holocaust.

UnionFaruque said...

Who gave the right to Israelis/Jews/Zionists to ethnically cleanse the Arabs (Muslims and Christians)?

The Israelis are doing it for the last sixty years and they made this plan long before Hitler's one!

Only a blind won't see this.