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Racist Allan Fisher of England

Allan Fisher,

Are you a Zionist or Zionsed victim? During the second WW 50 million people died. To be precise, 30 million of them were civilians and 20 million were military personals. What kinds of brain washed racist bastard would ignore 44 million lives and continue to cry for only “lost and found” six millions, may I ask? Oh, what about the English Holocaust in Ireland, British Holocaust in Bengal and Israeli Holocaust in the Occupied Palestine? Are they inferior than these “chosen arses”? How could you maintain such a double standard and hypocrisy?

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Re: [Taxi List] Re: Australian Racist Mad Dogs

Can I add to what Don has written in that whoever this 'mamubhi' is, the heading to his blogger page - Who Deserves Gas Chamber - is a gross insult to the memories of those 6million who died that way in the Nazi concentration camps.

Is that what you are about - with or without this mysterious t-shirt that nobody cares about?Alan FisherLondon (Eng)

Source: Racist Allan Fisher of England


I was talking about taxis. A few racist bastards started to talk about race, religion and many personal matters and they are not relevant to the debate at all! Most of those innuendos are based on usual lies. Please examine the link “Rum Colony Criminals Rewarded” and let me know if I am correct.

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At the risk of being called a racist hate monger, am I going to have to read a whole lot more of this non taxi related bullshit? Do you have something to say? If you do, please pull you head out of your ass so I can hear exactly what it is that you think you have to say. If you want to have flame wars with members of the list do it elsewhere.
Source: Poor DMC

Racist Ross Nelson of Kings Langley,

Present evidence or shut up. Else I am going to expose you and your racist mask properly.

Faruque Ahmed

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Racist Ross,

Present evidence in support of your claim else go and ask your fathers to assist you (if you know them I men).
> >>>>>>>>>>> ; Faruque Ahmed said he is going to make a T-shirt tomorrow. That one will say, "I Love Osama – U Racist Bastards". So write down the time and date. > >>>>>>>>>>>>> rossco
resting his case for now, due to the absence of post that tells the members of this list that Ahmed hates the filthy murdering scum Osama bin Ladin. Or likes him (which I racistly suspect)

Source: Racist Ross Nelson of Kings Langley

Item below was forwarded to many Australian media outlets and politicians:

Racism and sectarianism are flourishing in John Howard’s Australia! Good journalists are silent!! Probably that’s why Robert Fisk could not name me a good journalist or media outlet in Australia during his last visitation here. But, my question is, “why do I have to be tormented by racist mad dogs”?

Source: Australian Racist Mad Dogs

Racist mad dogs are barking. Their false and fabricated statements will testify against themselves!

However, I will say one thing only. If those people know who their fathers are (I mean if they are not bastards) then please ask them to present an iota of evidence to confirm the fact that I have a “I love Osama T-Shirt”. I have challenged them before and they failed then. I am challenging them now too. If they are not bastards then they will present some evidence to confirm, “Faruque Ahmed has a T-Shirt which says I love Osama”.

This challenge is open to
1. Peer Lindholt
2. Michel Jools
3. Ross Nelson
4. David Bradley
5. Jimmy West or anyone.

Faruque Ahmed
Mobile: 041 091 4118

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Re: Rewarding Rum Colony Criminals

Who cares indeed? I have long ago given up trying to understand or follow all these posts from the various Sydney list members, or work out who is telling the truth, etc. etc.I thought 'Mamubhi' and 'Faruque Ahmed' were one and the same person. Now it appears I was mistaken. (See what I mean!) 'Rum Colony' is a reference the early days of the colony of New South Wales when rum was a de facto currency.
Chris Manning Source: Taxi List

Michael Jools, David Bradley,Adriaan Wisse and I founded the NSW Taxi Drivers Association to try to make taxi driving "suck" a little less.I frequently wonder why I bother though, with some dribbling morons like Faruque Amhed driving cabs. (This will be deemed to be racist no doubt.)I am told that Amhed's roots are Bangladeshi. He has told me that he is not a devout Muslim.Who cares to both.
Source: Taxi List

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Re: Rewarding Rum Colony Criminals

-Yep... I bet nobody read all of Faruque Ahmed's libelous drivvel. As he mentioned me in some obscure way (linking racism to my disaproval of a merchant bank business model) I will respond to this for the record.As soon as one says "I am not a racist" Shakespeare's "the lady protests too much" springs to mind.

It is one of those nasty accusations meant to make some mud stick."Are you still beating your wife?" is another example.The fact that my wife, to whom I have been happily married for nearly 17 years, is Thai and my son is (obviously) half Thai does not seem to enter into Amhed's calculations that about who is racist or not.

As I said the triple by-pass survivor is a complete moron.As for Macquarie Bank's business plan (as stated in press reports) to flood Sydney with 240 ramping up to 1000 extra taxis I am still resolutely opposed to that.It won't happen though. The government will not release that many "free" Wheel Chair Acessible (WAT) plates. After spending possibly as much as $20mil they still do not reallyhave a taxi network.

I am told that they have 40 Mercedes vans (WATs) but are struggling to find drivers. They have only a handful of "Apple" (limo style) and "GPS" (normal) cabs in their 'fleet'.The catch 22 is that they can not attract drivers without a customer base and can not build a cusdtomer base without cabs.(Well they could, but they would need to pay me a lot of money to tell them how.)rosscowho wonders if Macqarie Bank is not abandonning its cab company aspirations for fear of ridicule ... "You can't even run a cab company"note: McBank shares have gone from about $25 to about $80 in little over two years.

Source: Taxi List

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---I have no idea what clothes Faruque has in his wardrobe or scattered around his Marrickville flat floor.

If a witness is adequate proof I do recall that Peer Lindholdt was present at the large meeting (he spoke from the stage) and subsequent chat later. In fact he made mention of the "I love Osama" tee shirt. It is interesting that Faruque now seems to deny it. If I could be bothered I could trawl back through old chat group posts where he was proud to wear it. I am not sure what is worse... an Osama follower or Osama Judas. In the partial post below mamubhi denies that he is Faruque...This is seriously wierd. A Judas to himself.
Source: Taxi List

Article below from: Faruque Ahmed’s T-Shirt

First of all Faruque Ahmed’s T-shirt is well known for the following posts:
1. American Terrorism and Brain Washing
2. Attorney General Bob Debus Is Hiding

Alan Moss is the 22 million dollar man of Australia. His Macquarie Bank and associated mobs hired disgraced Michael Jools and David Bradley to do some dirty work for them. Faruque and other good people prevented their ill-motivated ploys. This Ross was also against the Macquarie Bank scam. However, racism united him with Michael Jools and against Faruque Ahmed! Three Saints Without Sanity!, We Do Not Need "slime" - We Do Need A Royal Commission, A short History of the Taxi Industry and Warning to Greedy People and many other links below can substantiate my claims. It is being alleged, the Mac Bank mobs has lost 17.5 million last year alone with the Lime Taxis. They are also trying to get up and going with Apple Taxi and GPS Taxi detrimental to workers and public in general. So for they are not doing well! Would you believe, they are blaming Mr. Ahmed for their failures.

As a result, a few organisations and peoples are conspiring many attacks against Faruque like this one! “Racist Attacks on TDA Members. Jools is now denigrating migrant drivers. He is encouraging his few cult cronies in spreading rumours like, "the racist establishment of Sydney won't accept a non-Anglo-Saxon TDA President". On 26 July 2006, a very suspicious character Greg Mendelevitz delivered a deliberate, unsubstantiated racist and sectarian attack against Faruque Ahmed and Committee members. Absolutely everyone present, apart from Jools, responded with instantaneous, indignant anger and demanded Mendelevitz to apologise for his unfounded, racist and sectarian attack on Faruque Ahmed. Yet, he refused and significantly received very warm support from Jools.” Source: Sydney Taxi Corruption.

Even they conspired against Faruque with the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO). The result was uproarious. If you are interested, I may expose it further.

However, back to T-shirt! Most of the people know about Faruque’s T-shirt for a number of reasons. In reality, Faruque Asked Michael, who used to have a business to print materials, to make one T-shirt which says, “Stop Zionised American Terrorism”. Yet, Jools made the shirt saying, “Stop American Zionism Terrorism”.

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Re: Rewarding Rum Colony Criminals

Can I ask how you know what clothes Mr Ahmed has in his wardrobe?
Alan Fisher
London (Eng)

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Re: Rewarding Rum Colony Criminals

The comment of that racist and mental from Australia got nothing to do with the issues mentioned in this post. Why is he resorting in to personal vilification based on totally false and fabricated materials? To the best of my memory, Faruque Ahmed does not have any T shirt with "I love Osama" printed. This is a deliberate lie. Mr. Ahmed has challenged these liars to present an iota of evidence in support of their claims. Would you believe they failed miserably!

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Rewarding Rum Colony Criminals

The author of this and another similar post is a bloke called Faruque Amhed. He is a dope. One day he turned up to a Taxi Driver meeting wearing a T shirt with "I love Osama" printed on his chest. Need I say any more about this moron ?
Source: Taxi List

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Re: Rewarding Rum Colony Criminals Taxi,

send them to Mongolia and put em on the Big Wheel !!

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Rewarding Rum Colony Criminals

In line with Australian Values, professional criminals are rewarded in this country!
Two taxi industry executives namely John Bowe and Howard Harrison admitted under oath, in front of CC Connor of the NSW Industrial Relations Commission:
1. They have been lying to the courts and commissions,
2. They have been making false and fabricated submission at the courts and commissions,
3. They have been denying workers lawful entitlements most of the time and
4. They have been double dipping the taxman by claiming tax relief for unpaid workers entitlements.

Only last year, we have proven in front of three eminent Federal Judges of the Australian Competition Tribunal that the same lot of taxi industry leaders have:
i. Failed to tell the truth to the Australian Trade Practices Commission,
ii. Mislead the Australian Trade Practices Commission,
iii. Used racism to obtain some authorisation for their advantage.

Ideally speaking, these proceeds of crime (hundreds of million dollars) should have been seized and utilised for public and workers safety and welfare.

Ironically, the same group of people were given hundreds of millions dollars worth of public assets mentioned in Corruption Under NSW Labor Growing to provide special services to the disabled and fringe area people. To our surprise, again, they are double dipping the public and taxi drivers and not honouring their side of the bargain. We have written to the NSW Ombudsman, Auditor General, Independent Commission Against Corruption and many other forums with no luck. Yet, the good government of NSW handed over the non-existing quality control and quality assurance of the taxi industry to the same group and simultaneously the corrupt Department of Transport officials and misguided police continue to harass taxi workers to divert attention and deflect their own incompetence.

Recently, the good government of New South Wales rewarding these same folks, the same crowd who are involved with the NSW Taxi Council Pty Limited, CCN Pty Ltd, Cabcharge Pty Ltd, ComfortDelgroCabcharge Ltd etc. etc. - dishonouring every law of the land. In fact these people are becoming the de facto government. The smelly, rotten and incestuous relations between these shonky organisations and the Department of Transport/Ministry of Transport were described by the NSW Ombudsman as the DoT/MoT is being "captured" by the Taxi Council, and the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal identified the DoT/MoT as "not forthcoming, evasive, not helpful" (in favour of the Taxi Council).

Whether taxi owners like it or not, they are compelled to belong to taxi networks and therefore the network income is guaranteed. However, networks are not compelled by any laws/regulations to provide a safe and efficient service to public and drivers. As a result, networks are deliberately running down their services to maximise their profit, thus short changing drivers and publics alike.

To add salt to the wound, these same lucky `taxi mafia' have been receiving various forms of subsidies - including Night Rider busses too.

However, this time the good government of NSW is handing over to these smelly people approximately 200 million dollars of public money to build and run 500 busses for the state government (Reported at the Xmas edition of "Cabbie" magazine) with a guaranteed annual profit of approximately 18 million dollars. Do we know:
1. What are the terms and conditions,
2. Are there enough safeguards to protect public interest and safety,
3. Are they fit and proper people to deal with so much public money,
4. This is not a criminal scam protected by the various current and former government officials who by the way directly and indirectly are working for these organisations in various capacities and
5. Why the hell, only these people are rewarded?
6. Is it going to be another Cross City Tunnel Saga?

In the mean time, the worker hater NSW Labor government is doing everything to kill the Allan Cook report with the assistance of "workers' friend' Michael Jools who is stabbing taxi workers back from the Macquarie Bank Vault where four more former Labor Premiers are hiding and counting fortunes at the expense of public and decency. Former Police Commissioner Dave Madden has also joined the gravy train and doing his best to kill the venerated Cook Report and short change workers safety.

Remember, it was the Liberal government who gave a few bucks to the Workcover Authority via the Department of Transport and thus in a way the first ever conducted safety study report (Keatsdale Report) which found its way to initiate the long overdue taxi industry safety reform. The taxi mafia with the assistance of the NSW Labor government went on to kill the report but due to our pressure the Keatsdale Report survived. Yet, the mafia managed to overcharge the public and short changed the taxi workers with the assistance of the NSW Labor Party and Transport Workers Union. Former Premier Bob Carr killed the Parliamentary StaySafe Committee Inquiry into the taxi industry. These days, they are using racism and sectarianism to divert attention and confuse public. Even the NSW Labor government is playing games with the taxi workers safety issues for commercial and political gains rewarding lawbreakers for exploiting workers and short changing decency and justice.

We therefore urge you to vote minor parties like The Australian Democrats, Greens, Democratic Socialist Party and other independent candidates to brake away from the unholy strangle hold of big parties at the expense of justice, democracy, free speech, human rights, industrial rights, workers safety in NSW.

For more information please click these links, should you wish!
1. American Terrorism and Brain Washing

2. Attorney General Bob Debus Is Hiding

3. Organise Crimes In NSW

4. More Organise Crimes In NSW

5. Stupid Magistrate

6. An Eastern Suburb Court Room

7. Zionised Adrian

8. Stupidite' of Ross Nelson

9. Cross-City Conspiracy Or Corporate Terrorism

10. Howard's Industrial Relations Terrorism

11. Cabcharge Story

12. Corruption Colony News

13. Source of Knowledge and Moral Guidance

14. Sydney Taxi Corruption

15. The Madness and Corruption Regarding the Cabcharge

16. The Culture of Arrogance, Corruption and Nepotism in Australia

17. Do We Have Organise Crime In The Taxi Industry?

18. We Do Not Need "slime" - We Do Need A Royal Commission

19. Looking for Justice

20. A Lost War

21. Reporting and Spin

22. A short History of the Taxi Industry and Warning to Greedy People

23. Faruque's Victory

24.Documenatry Makers Please Note

25: English To ANZAC
Source: ozcabs, Coward's Castle (Final)

26. Lime Taxis/Mac Bank (Australia) Screw up of the Taxi Industry

27. Three Saints Without Sanity!

28. Real Heroes

29. Moving Forward

30. True Victory for Workers

31. Manufacturing Extremism and Terrorism!

32. Proceeds of Crime

33. Democracy Now √ No Cunning Tricks √ No Public Mischief

34. Monster to Cult Leader, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney_TaxiCorruption, Sydney

35. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, NSW TDA Sunday 27 August 2006

36. An Open Letter to the Minister for Transport, Sydney_TaxiCorruption, Sydney,

37. Faruque's `Jihad'

38. Jimmy's Jihad, Sydney Taxi Corruption, Free America Now


40. The TDA members have spoken

41. The NSW TDA AGM and Racism

42. This is not racism

43. President Ahmed Faruque

44. Taxi Driver Safety

45. An open letter to David Madden
Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney

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62. I am sick and tired of these idiots!

63. Corruption Under NSW Labor Growing

64. What the Hell is Going on Your Honour

65. Khomeini to Bin Laden

66. Rewarding Rum Colony Criminals

67. Faruque Ahmed’s T-shirt
68. Australian Racist Mad Dogs
U Tube Henry Rollins

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