Sunday, February 18, 2007

Stop Racist Attack On Faruque Ahmed

Stop Racist Attack On Faruque Ahmed

Rewarding Rum Colony Criminals was a good article designed to expose taxi industry corruption.

However, a few racist gutless wonders have been attacking Faruque with false and fabricated materials.

Ross Nelson failed to find a wife in Australia. In desperation, he went to the red light district of Bangkok, Thailand to find one. Life must be pretty bad and since than he looks down on immigrants like Pauline Henson who lost her husband to a Philippino girl.

So I say,

Racist Ross Nelson,
Peer Lindholt (White Supremacist of Denmark)
David Bradley,
Jimmy West,
Michael Jools or anyone,

Get out of your coward’s castle and express yourself if you are not bastards. You lot gagged Faruque at the zionist taxi list and then hurling false and fabricated insults towards him. What a pathetic and coward bunch you are. Come on to Melbourne Indy Media, Blogspot and Gas Chamber. Express yourself and see how long can you survive. There are many good Australians and they do not like racist lot like you. You will be hanged over there!

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