Saturday, February 10, 2007

Gas Chamber

Who Deserve Gas Chamber

Bruce the Goose,

Your idiocy displayed in this thread is confirming this quote below.

"In everything, we are destroyers--even in the instruments of destruction to which we turn for relief...We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands." - Maurice Samuel, You Gentiles, pages 152, 155, and 147.

David Coyle,

Your idiocy is paramount in this thread. You are making many wild observations and accusations due to your ignorance and prejudice. May I ask, how did you gain this right? Is it because of the following?

"Jew and Gentile are two worlds, between you Gentiles and us Jews there lies an unbridgeable gulf...There are two life forces in the world: Jewish and Gentile...I do not believe that this primal difference between Gentile and Jew is reconcilable..." – Maurice Samuel, You Gentiles, page 9.

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Re: Who is this Melanie Brown?

Bruce the Goose,
You may avoid the gas chamber by honesty. Certainly trickery won't save you.

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Re: Who is this Melanie Brown?
WELL SAID!!!Cheers Bruce

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David Coyle,

Are you a professor of language? What is "lack of of consideration" by the way!

Your ill-motivated and puritanic suggestion in this thread encouraging me to believe, "you should hand yourself in to the nearest gas chamber".

--- In, David Coyle wrote:
Instead of cluttering up mailboxes with incoherent rubbish1. Get dictionary2. Wait for interesting thought3. Use dictionary and post thoughtYou might as well be working for Mossad yourself, as your writing suggests:puerile interests; low intelligence; and a complete lack of of consideration for people have to delete your tripe.

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Who is this Melanie Brown ? How the hel she got married to Willie Brigitte within a few moment?

Why the hell Rupert Murdoch's notrogenious waste outlets wrote millions of stories based on her inuandos only and they pictured her in many drmatic manner depicting Muslim women in a wost possible form .

To the best of my memory she used to be one of those "dykes" marching at the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gra with a David's star at her naked bum. Do we need some investigation? Is she connected with Israeli Mossad by any chance?

Sources: Free America Now, Melbourne Indy Media, Australian Love

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