Friday, February 16, 2007

Zionist Criminals – I Love Osama

Invasion of Iraq is an act of Terrorism and Zionism is worse than Nazism. Who control America generates the answer “We control America”,

Racist Ross Nelson of Kings Langley
, Racist Allan fisher of England and Poor Don of Taxi List are at our service.

Australian politicians and power brokers would do anything for Israeli child molesters and Muslim and Arab bashing are the most spectacular sports in the town. That’s why disgraced Michael Jools earlier and now Racist Ross Nelson of Kings Langley is playing the man with false and fabricated materials instead of playing the ball.

Osama is lovable than George
! Rum Colony Criminals Rewarded are our issues of concern.

In that case, why the hell no one is talking about the original issues and why are we bogged down with something else?

I am disgusted by all of the above and tomorrow I am going to make a T-shirt “Zionist Criminals – I Love Osama”.

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