Friday, February 16, 2007

Osama is lovable than George

Osama is lovable than George

1. Osama Bin Laden is rich.
2. George Bush is rich.
3. Osama got a rich daddy.
4. George got a rich daddy.
5. Osama is a fanatic.
6. George is a fanatic.

The similarities between George and Osama stops then and there!

1. Osama believes in something.
2. George is enslaved by the neo-cons (mostly Israelites).
3. War and conflicts are beneficial for both families.
4. George is using conflicts for his personal benefits.
5. Osama is wiling to sacrifice everything for his believes.
6. Osama is loved.
7. George is hated.
8. War crimes and genocides of George are proven.
9. Allegations against Osama are just allegations.
10. Osama is in the front with his people.
11. George is hiding behind bikinis.
12. Osama is brave.
13. George is a coward.
Considering the above may be Jesus loves Osama and not George.

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